Cardio Conditioning for Martial Arts Performance

Along with self-defense and fitness, martial arts training at Tapout Fitness NYC 32 develops discipline, confidence, and even good posture. But what happens when you add cardio conditioning into the mix?

When working toward a physical goal, it’s important to maintain balance: a balance between effort and recovery, a balanced diet, and a balanced training program.

Why is balance so important when it comes to good fitness training?

You’ve heard what they say. Repeatedly engaging in a single type of training can cause stagnation and plateau. Some muscles get overworked, while others remain underdeveloped. Your body gets used to it and consumes less energy to do the workout. You get burned out—or, more simply put—bored.

So are you ready to kick it into high gear? At Tapout Fitness in New York, NY, our programming by experts like Greg Jackson goes beyond “just” martial arts.

But first things first. Here’s why martial arts is awesome.

An exceptional form of training, martial arts requires a distinct combination of discipline, flexibility, fitness, respect, and perception that’s unique to the practice.

Incorporating abilities such as striking, kicking, taking someone down, pinning them to the ground, or breaking free from a headlock, learning martial arts is a fitness transforming choice that can also teach you to defend and protect yourself if you ever need to.

There’s something very rewarding about that—and confidence isn’t the only known benefit of being a martial artist. Martial arts has been linked to a wide range of health benefits, from lower stress to better cardiovascular functioning and a longer life.

So isn’t that enough? What more could I need?

Break from your routine and break from the pack. Add variety to find balance.

Martial arts programming at Tapout Fitness NYC 32 incorporates high-energy cardio conditioning to help you reach your optimal performance.

The connection between cardio and strength isn’t obvious to everyone, but it’s essential to your strength training and will turn you into a true athlete.

Consider going head-to-head in a match with an opponent who is very close to your skill level. Cardio conditioning can give that competitive edge to help you perform your best and maintain exertion through to the end. Those conditioned muscles allow fierce precision and endurance when it counts. Bring on the strength, and bring on the confidence.

Think cardio means lean and thin? Try lean, healthy, and strong. And lean muscle is a serious force to reckon with. Diet plays a signifcant role in body sculpting, and combined with the best fitness programming, you can achieve a wide range of fitness goals, no matter where you’re starting from.

Strength and endurance aren’t the only things boosted by martial arts training that incorporates cardio conditioning. You’ll also experience heightened mental toughness.

Thought and focus go into every move. It takes some serious will power to push through a fast-paced cardio workout. You’re a warrior. You can do anything—in martial arts and in life.

And it’s called Tapout Fitness.

Members of Tapout Fitness NYC 32 have access to the whole package.

Our expert trainers guide you through the world of martial arts, condition your body for optimal performance, and push you beyond your limits with high-energy cardio training.

Tapout Fitness martial arts programming by Greg Jackson and other renown martial artists is beyond “just” martial arts. Combined with cardio conditioning, it’s the fastest way to fit—along with countless other great benefits, like discipline, strength, endurance, confidence, and health.

You’re no exception. It’s for everyone, and it’s for you.

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