Top Tips to Start a Martial Arts Training Regimen at Tapout Fitness NYC 32

With martial arts programming by experts like Greg Jackson, we’re ready to help you take your fitness to the next level and get you started with your martial arts training at Tapout Fitness NYC 32.

“Learn how your mind and body are connected. You’ll find confidence, and in that, your greatness.” – Greg Jackson

You’re on the right path to fit.

You work out several times a week and have come to know your body. You’re gaining valuable experience from your training. You’ve been eating clean and have embraced a healthy lifestyle.

But could you do more?

As you push yourself to live life to the fullest—and fittest—you know it’s time to take your training to the next level.

Martial arts training is the perfect next step.

More than just self-defense training, martial arts is built around a philosophy of discipline, determination, and respect. As you begin your training and gain martial arts expertise through comprehensive group exercise classes at Tapout Fitness NYC 32, your new-found discipline will shine through your demeanor and appearance. You’ll achieve an overall sharpness of mind and body that can rarely be acquired from any other kind of training.

“Being a [martial] artist is something bigger than just a fight.” – Greg Jackson
Get Started

First things first. It’s crucial to understand the purpose of martial arts.

Learning to fight and being able to defend yourself are significant products of martial arts, but not the primary goals. There’s a shared focus on improving yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Without proper character development, a martial artist’s skills may do more harm than good—and true martial artists avoid unnecessary conflict by all means.

With this in mind, let’s get started!

If you’re just beginning your martial arts training, aim to train 2 to 4 times a week and at least 1 hour per session.

Supplemental Training

Cardiovascular workouts, strength training, and flexibility training will all help you advance your martial arts training. Martial arts training requires endurance, coordination, and balance.

Supplemental cardio classes can help you achieve the stamina and strength required to develop your martial arts skills. Cardio builds a healthy heart and lungs for long-term endurance and bursts of speed and power.

Strength training will give you the muscle mass you need for explosive, powerful strikes.

Courses like Yoga will help you maintain a body that is agile and a mind that is quiet and focused. Yoga will also strengthen your joints and reduce risk of injury.

The reverse is also true. If your primary athletic focus lies outside martial arts, participating in martial arts training will help you become stronger and more adept in other domains.

Fuel Up

Just like martial arts requires a balance of physical and mental strength, a balanced diet will help propel your martial arts training. Balanced meal, balanced life, balanced athlete.

Martial artists’ diets vary from individual to individual, and they should—our bodies are different and have different needs. But most of these diets share one common factor: the inclusion of high-quality, nutrient-rich foods. Healthy martial artists eat plenty of quality proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and meat.

“Mental toughness is learned. If you are motivated you can acquire it.” – Greg Jackson

Reap the Benefits

Athletes who practice martial arts experience a wide range of practically unlimited benefits.

Whether you’re trying to bulk up or slim down, martial arts increases strength and contributes to lean muscle mass development, helping you reach your personal goals. While other forms of bodybuilding training focus strictly on physical strength and attributes, practicing martial arts brings added benefits in endurance, agility, and conditioning.

Unique to this type of training, martial artists learn to exercise mental awareness and control. When martial arts students are prompted to consider their emotional state, this form of training carries into other aspects of life as well, ultimately becoming a healthy habit and powerful tool. Emotional strength can make physical strength even more potent, allowing athletes to make uncharted gains in their fitness journey.

“I get a huge kick out of training people, helping people, and of just being a part of a process where I get to see people’s dreams come true.” – Greg Jackson

Challenge Yourself

Martial arts training is a rewarding athletic experience that will develop your mental and physical skills while strengthening and conditioning your body. With martial arts programming developed by experts like Greg Jackson, Tapout Fitness in NYC 32, will help you begin your martial arts journey, take your fitness lifestyle to the next level, and reach your full potential.

What are you waiting for? Create results, not excuses. If you haven’t tried Tapout Fitness yet, get started here.



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