Top Tips to Tap Into Strong Fitness Results in 2018

At Tapout Fitness NYC 32, we set specific goals to create results, not excuses.

It’s truly been a powerful year in the Tapout Fitness community, and we couldn’t be more proud of the gains our members have made here at Tapout Fitness NYC 32. As we’ve mastered striking combinations, trained to peak condition with kettlebells and battle ropes, learned to control our minds and bodies through high-intensity martial arts cardio, and had FUN making awesome memories throughout 2017, we’re feeling fully equipped to take on 2018

Are you ready for the new year? Resolutions are the perfect motivation to up your fitness game for more strength, more confidence, and more results. But the best resolutions aren’t just thoughts jotted down on January 1. Instead of making a resolution for 2018, make a commitment

Are you ready to commit to the very best of fitness and health? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to becoming the best you? Are you ready for Tapout Fitness 2018?

To help you stick to your fitness plan, we’re encouraging members of Tapout Fitness in New York, NY, to get SMART about their goals. The best fitness goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. As for supporting those goals and turning them into reality, we’re here to help you every step (and strike) of the way.


To achieve fitness results, you need specific goals and a specific plan. Know what you’re trying to achieve and exactly what you need to do to get there. Our group fitness classes at Tapout Fitness NYC 32 set you on a clear path to victory, making it much easier to define your plan.

Also be specific about your motivation—your “why.” Who or what are you doing this for? It could be anything from your health to your family to an increased confidence in your athletic ability. What matters is to keep that motivation in mind, even when it gets tough, to propel you toward the finish line.


How do you define success? How can you tell you’re making progress toward your fitness goals?

While it’s important to visualize the end result during every challenging workout, goals you can measure on a daily or weekly basis are a constant reminder of your achievement and progression—and serve as perpetual motivation to keep up the hard work.

Weight loss is certainly a measurable goal, but not all worthwhile fitness goals involve a scale. When you think about your resolutions and commitments for 2018, other measurable goals might involve going to Tapout Fitness 3 times a week, beating a personal best record or committing to exercising at least 240 minutes a week. A fitness assessment every 4 to 6 weeks can also help keep you on track.

Be sure to keep our Tapout Fitness NYC 32 trainers in the loop about your goals and progress so they can help you measure (and reach) success.


To achieve your objectives, set goals you can achieve. That’s not to say you can’t aim high, but if you’ve never thrown a punch and expect to become the next Greg Jackson by February, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The same is true for weight loss. It’s better to set a 5-pound goal, reach it, and keep going in smaller increments, than to let a seemingly unreachable 50-pound goal turn you into a quitter.

To keep your goals attainable, avoid pinning them to certain aspects of your physique—like gaining a six-pack or losing the love handles. Every body is different, but by putting in consistent work, you will gradually sculpt a healthier, toned body and unlock the best version of you. Focus less on the final outcome and more on breaking down your goal into realistic changes of  habit.

Do keep in mind that sometimes, making goals attainable requires changing other aspects of your lifestyle. If you’ve resolved to start going to Tapout Fitness sessions 4 times a week, and an early-morning class fits your schedule best, you may need to plan for an earlier bedtime to make that happen.


At Tapout Fitness, we’re strict, dedicated, and disciplined—but that doesn’t mean you should be hard on yourself. Life happens, things get in the way, and set-backs do happen. It’s possible you’ll miss a workout. You might eat something outside your nutrition plan. But don’t let missing one class be your reason to stop working out completely, and don’t let a cheat day turn into a cheat week.

Being realistic about potential short-term failures can help you realize long-term success.


Breaking your ultimate goal down into smaller, timed milestones along the way can get you into  a rhythm you’ll enjoy. Set goals with a timeframe in mind as you keep pushing forward in your fitness journey.

That being said, patience and persistence are essential. Results don’t happen right away, and length of progress varies for everyone. Timing of results depends on things like age, nutritional habits and current level of fitness.

Whatever your starting point, Tapout Fitness is one of the fastest ways to get fit, even if not instantaneously. Be sure to acknowledge the small gains you achieve along the way to your destination. Having successes to celebrate will motivate you to keep going!

Welcome a SMART and Strong 2018

If you’re ready to commit to a fit 2018 and get SMART about your fitness goals, we invite you to experience the Tapout Fitness difference—and your first class is on us.

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